Through the ministries of
Zuni Christian Reformed Mission, 
Zuni people will be planted in Biblical Truth
and surrounded by God's Grace. 

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with our work in Zuni, we invite you to catch a glimpse of how Zuni Christian Reformed Mission is, through the power of God’s Spirit, transforming the lives of people who live on the Zuni Indian Reservation of northwestern New Mexico.If you have been connected with Zuni in the past, our web site will help you become reacquainted and introduce you to the dynamic changes that are revitalizing the Mission’s 100-year witness to the Gospel in Zuni.

The Zuni Christian Mission is comprised of Zuni Christian Reformed Church (ZCRC) and Zuni Christian Mission School (ZCMS). The church and school work together to provide a vital outreach to the Zuni people from shared facilities located on a small compound in the heart of Zuni Pueblo. By God’s grace, what began in 1897 as pioneer mission work of the Christian Reformed denomination, has matured into a ministry that is governed by local boards of Zuni Christians—an unparalleled accomplishment in mission efforts among the Pueblo Indian tribes of the Southwest.

So, welcome to our Web site. Whether you are a new friend or a lifelong partner, we trust that your journey through our web pages will stimulate greater levels of interest and involvement in God’s loving work in Zuni through committed prayer supporters, volunteers, and donors like you. 

Employment Opportunity

This Year: 
Zuni Christian Mission School is seeking an experienced educator/administrator to serve as the head of school starting August 2017.  Our mission school gives witness to the Gospel through quality Christian education for up to 100 K-8 Native American children. Working with the Zuni Christian Reformed Church, our mission-driven, cross-cultural ministry is entering a second century of service.  We are grateful to God for the completion of a new facility and the opportunities for expansion this brings. For more information click here.