Who We Are

What We Believe


We are followers of Jesus Christ in a particular place, the Zuni Pueblo on the Zuni Indian Reservation in northwestern New Mexico. We affirm God’s desire to enfold the Zuni people in his gracious plan of salvation.



We are followers of Jesus Christ, whom we confess to be God’s Son sent into our world to redeem us and our world from sin and its destructive powers. In his life and teaching, Jesus proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom of God, that is, life marked by values such as humility, forgiveness and kindness—values that, in fact, seem foolish to non-believers. In his death and resurrection and in his sending of the Holy Spirit, we experience the power to live for God. In the promise of his coming again, we have the hope of victory over sin and evil.

As followers of Jesus Christ, God’s Spirit is re-forming us into the likeness of Jesus. We commit ourselves to be a community that is always being shaped—re-formed—by God’s Spirit. Like Christians at the time of the Reformation, a sixteenth century movement in the Protestant church, we look to the Bible as our only source of Truth and so continue to call ourselves ‘reformed’.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we recognize that God restored us to relationship with Himself through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. God did for us what we could not do for ourselves. We live in grateful recognition that we are surrounded by God’s Grace. We are called to share this good news with all people, particularly those in our community. That is our Mission.