Youth Program

Youth Group

Greetings from the Zuni Christian Reformed Church Youth Group!

GasperJunior High and High School kids (Grades 6-12) meet on Wednesday and Sunday evenings for Bible study, recreation and food (of course!).  Youth Director Barlow Gasper (left) and other volunteers direct the youth activities.  Many of the core group are current students or graduates of Zuni Christian Mission School, but community kids are also welcomed and encouraged to attend.  

The youth group emphasizes a discipleship model that extends beyond weekly meetings to build meaningful and trusting relationships, and that encourages the youth of Zuni to discover their gifts, participate in ministry/service opportunities, and grow in their understanding of the Gospel through fellowship with the body of Christ. 


Organizing and running summer camps and outreach activities at church

Serving food to the congregation after church services
Playing instruments/singing on the worship team
Volunteering at American Indian Missions, Inc.
Providing childcare for church programs/meetings


Bible Study and teaching
Camp Dunamis in California
Broken Arrow Bible Ranch
Warrior Leadership Summit in Illinois


Sports (especially basketball!)
Christian Concerts
Special Outings/Overnight Trips
Homework Club

Youth hike

For more information please visit the youth group's website: