Focus on Zuni Christian Reformed Church Today


Visit Zuni Christian Reformed Church (ZCRC) on any Sunday morning and you will immediately notice that this church is different.


ZCRC is a diverse congregation made one in the body of Christ. The church welcomes and celebrates its diversity as a reflection of God's beautifully diverse creation. Our church family includes native and non-native Zuni residents as well as people from surrounding places. Visitors from Zuni and Christians from other places who support our ministry are frequently part of the congregation. Church members come from a variety of church backgrounds and from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The diversity of the congregation is reflected in the variety of worship styles and practices and in the different languages used in the services.

Articulating Hope

In the corporate life of the church, there are ample opportunities to give voice to the Hope that believers have in Jesus Christ. The deacons provide a wide range of benevolent care and the pastors, elders and members are welcomed into Christian and non-Christian homes alike to pray, to listen and to express Christ's compassion. ZCRC has a variety of educational, recreational and mentoring programs that nurture children and young people. Summer Kids' Clubs for children ages 4-12 are hosted by summer mission teams from different supporting churches. Bi-weekly youth activities welcome young people from 6th-12th grades from the church, school, and community. ZCRC also provides hospitality to Alcoholic Anonymous and other community support programs.

On Being a Zuni Christian

All Zuni Christians face the challenge of following Jesus authentically as Zunis. The church supports Zuni members as they seek to be salt and light in their own community. The church acknowledges all that is good in Zuni culture is a gift from God. Zuni Christians have a key role in the work of God's Spirit as they seek to transform their community with God's love. Crucial to the veracity of the Gospel message to Zuni people is the use of the Zuni language. The church supports the use of the Zuni language for worship and teaching.  The church has benefited from Zuni language materials prepared with the help of Wycliffe Bible Translators, a team of Bill and Carolyn Murray and Zuni community members. Bible stories and hymns have been translated and published. Media-Bible DVD/VHS editions of Creation, the Flood, the Joseph story, the story of Jesus based on the book of Luke, and Acts in the Zuni language have been well received throughout the community.

Reaching Beyond Zuni

ZCRC is itself a mission church, and the members gladly contribute to the work of evangelism in other places. For the safety of the missionaries we support in other parts of the world where religious persecution is still a reality, names and locations are not listed. 

Although the make-up, context and challenges of ZCRC are quite unique, like the Church around the world, the Christians in Zuni desire to honor Christ in their worship and in witness.